The Paddington Partnership

Paddington Community Programme

The Paddington Partnership offers a bespoke corporate community involvement service, the Paddington Community Programme.

Established in 2004 as Time for Paddington, the programme spans both worlds – corporate and community. The results speak for themselves. We deliver positive outcomes for some of London’s most demanding and successful businesses, placing over 800 employee volunteers in more than 70 different projects each year.

We offer an end-to-end service, adding tangible benefits at every level of your company. There are a whole variety of ways you could get involved in supporting charities, community groups, schools and social enterprises on your doorstep; whether as individual employees or teams of colleagues, and for one-off events or on a more regular basis. As a company you can subscribe for an annual package or simply use our pay-as-you-go volunteering framework.

How We Work

We work with over 80 schools and community partners in Westminster, whose work touches every aspect of need; including health, housing, the elderly, mental health, young people, families and homelessness.

We work with your in-house community or CSR team, introducing you to community partners. We promote volunteering in your company and register and place all your volunteers individually. You can select from a variety of initiatives to suit skills and time.

We broker partnerships between businesses, charities and schools, with participation ranging from a fun, physical challenge to a long term engagement. We gather feedback and provide bespoke, personalised monitoring reports on your behalf and produce case studies to celebrate your impact.

We will help you to apply your core community priorities and will develop and manage a programme which delivers in one, or a range, of the following areas.

Community Projects

We organise one-off events and activities in collaboration with charities, community groups and social enterprises for groups of colleagues. Examples include:

  • Tea parties for the elderly, cooking lunches for homeless people, gardening and decorating for supported housing schemes and running food collections
  • Supporting activities for the elderly and adults with learning difficulties; everything from sewing and singing to scrabble and smoothie making
  • In addition we channel your donations of surplus furniture, IT, office equipment, clothes, food, stationary and homeware to local charities

Specialist skill sharing

We support individual employees and teams of colleagues to utilise their work-based skills to support charities and social enterprises in one-off workshops and longer term mentoring and trustee roles.

  • Organise CV workshops, goal setting and mock interview sessions for local unemployed people and school leavers
  • We devise skill sharing activities and programmes based on your core business priorities, in areas such as HR, finance, IT, marketing, property, e-commerce or business planning
  • Place your staff as trustees in charities and governors in schools

Volunteering in schools

We work closely with neighbouring primary and secondary schools, placing volunteers in projects supporting pupils and teachers. These include:

  • Placing volunteers in primary schools as reading and number partners, supporting pupils one-to-one on a weekly or fortnightly basis
  • Opportunities to run lunchtime and afterschool clubs, with particular demand currently for chess and coding
  • Mentoring support for secondary school pupils
  • Hosting careers talks, assemblies, trips and work experience programmes

Download our Volunteering in Primary Schools factsheet here.


Participating in the Paddington Community Programme brings benefits for all.

The benefits for your business:

  • Enables you to have a meaningful relationship with key community stakeholders
  • There is evidence to show that facilitating opportunities for employee volunteering improves colleague satisfaction and consequently retention rates
  • Improved morale of employees can increase levels of motivation and productivity
  • Develops skills in mentoring, communication, leadership and management
  • Can help to raise awareness of your brand and build credibility within the local community
  • Engaging with the community gives you direct contact with future employees, suppliers and customers

The benefits for your employees:

  • Provides an opportunity to work as a team on a shared project – increasingly important as businesses move towards hot desking and home working
  • Can challenge employees to develop new approaches, explore alternative ways of working and think creatively
  • Opportunity to share and develop workplace skills, building confidence of employees
  • Offers a break from work routine. Doing something positive and purposeful can improve wellbeing

The benefits for the community:

  • Employee volunteers can challenge charities and community groups to question approaches and think differently about problems, which can lead to more efficient and effective working. This can increase their impact and lead to cost savings
  • Expertise of employee volunteers can build confidence and empower the staff, service users and students of local charities, community groups and schools
  • Giving time can reduce loneliness and isolation, improving well-being in the local community
  • An improved physical environment can raise morale and make local people feel safer and happier


"The partnership took away the huge challenge for a team of colleagues with different ideas wanting to use their volunteer days who are based both across the country and in London. They provided our team with a variety of charity opportunities from which we have all benefited and enjoyed.  For the larger team activities it gave those who don’t usually work together a ‘team bonding’ opportunity.  Equally the shorter, individual sessions have resonated with the team encouraging them to organise, through the partnership, regular link ups in the future."

Jayne, Marks and Spencer

“I saw things through the eyes of the student rather than just from an adult perspective. Being able to read between the lines and understand what was not being said proved to be invaluable. I became a better listener.”

Don, Visa Europe

Download our programme overview here.

Contact us via [email protected] for more information or to start volunteering.