News about the news

The Paddington Community Programme has just launched a new monthly newsletter to raise awareness of the work of local charities, community groups, schools and social enterprises operating here in Paddington and to let you know about the unique opportunities for you to make a difference.

Paddington is home to a whole host of inspiring organisations. Whilst they operate at different scales and are focused on supporting different needs, they are all delivering invaluable work and we want to shout about them. The newsletter will help us to do this.

We are aware of lots of employers, as well as individual people working in Paddington, who are keen to develop relationships with these organisations and make a difference to the community in which they work. But we know that finding the right opportunity when faced with so much choice and ompeting demands on your time can be overwhelming. This is where the newsletter comes in.

The Paddington Community newsletter will provide a flavour each month of the latest roles looking to be filled. These are opportunities specifically with employee volunteers in mind, as well as details of equipment that organisations are looking for and events you may wish to support. There is a corresponding newsletter for charities, providing a channel for you to share specific skills that may help organisations, publicise equipment or materials you are disposing of and happy to donate, and invite community groups to participate in events you are organising.

To sign up for either newsletter, or to tell us about something you’d like us to write about, simply email Emily, the Community Programme Manager, on [email protected]